What's the difference between the Excalibur and the Ezidri Dehydrator

The Ezidri products are manufactured in China and are designed in New Zealand. The Excalibur is designed and manufactured in the USA.
The Ezidri has a round design  and is supplied with 5 trays, 1 x Solid sheet and 1 x mesh sheet . It will expand to 15 trays for the snackmaker model and 30 trays for the Ultra Model.
The Excalibur as a  9 trays model and a 4 trays model, these products are not expandable. The solid sheets come in a ParaFlexx disposible 14" -36 sheet pack for a one time use or  ParaFlexx premium sheets which are  easy to clean and reusable.
 The power requirements are less for the Excalibur as they are  smaller units.  The detailed information and ordering facility is available on the dehydrators category of our website: Healthmakers Dehydrators.
Get all the details about these great food preservers. These machines are a wonderful way of getting off 'junk' food and into proper energy filled health food. ( no pain attached )

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